Finders Course


Why Meditate?


What would your life be like if you felt a state-of-extraordinary wellbeing marked by virtually no anxiety or stress?  What would it feel like to have mental clarity not subject to lengthy emotional swings? Would you like to have a situation independent sense of well-being?  Can you imagine what it would be like to feel complete?  Like there wasn’t something missing?  Meditation and mind training can bring you well-being on an extraordinary level.  Start the adventure today.


What is the Finders Course?


The Finders Course is an online course that teaches you the most effective meditation and mind training methods so that you can experience greater wellbeing.  Based on eight years of research with over 1,000 participants drawn from every major tradition across six continents, the Finders Course is the best system for finding the right method for you. You didn’t find “just” a meditation course, you found the most advanced and empirical approach to method matching in the world.


The ‘Fit’ Problem


Different things work for different people.  What most people don’t know is that this is true for meditation as well.  Unfortunately, this means that finding a method that works can be confusing, inconvenient, and take a great deal of time.   A wrong initial choice can waste years of time and effort, or make you give up on having the benefits of meditation all together.   The Finders Course solves that problem for you.


What Finders Course is:

  • Optimized search and trial – We’ve solved the search and fit problem for you and saved you what could be years of effort trying traditions and teachers.  We’ve taken the luck factor out of your being successful at finding an appropriate path. 

  • Based on actual successes – The only program based on data from 1,000+ research subjects

  • Greatest Hits – Our selected technique’s, i.e. the Core, are the most effective based on frequency in the data and appropriateness for beginners.  There is no guessing involved. 

  • Positive Psychology – We prepare students for the Core Techniques with proven methods of positive psychology and basic breathing to establish mind/body awareness.

  • Unique Wide perspective – The only cross tradition program informed by best-practices and “minimum standards for effectiveness” drawn from hundreds of teachers across ALL major and many minor traditions

  • Impartial – The only major program to help you find the method that works for you versus a biased focus on any one tradition.  Different things work for different people and we expose you to all of the major technique families.


What Finders Course isn’t:

  • Not a “spiritual” program – Spirituality is a deeply personal decision.  This program sets you up to “go-indie” or better select a path/guru within a family of techniques you know work for you.  We leave that decision to you.

  • Not an intellectual course – We don’t teach the history, philosophy, or politics of paths.  If the technique doesn’t work on you, most of that doesn’t matter anyway, and it can get in the way of your direct experience. 

  • Not dogmatic or guru-centric – We believe that you are best suited to determine what works for you and then to do the work.   We do not prioritize any tradition over another, and our Master Teachers are non-dogmatic, believing as we do, that different things works for different people and that many roads lead to well-being.


How Finders Course Works

  • A practice based course – i.e. you have to practice a technique to know if it works.

  • Structured – We provide you the structure to establish an practice and make it a habit.

  • Analytical, methodical with feedback –   We use gold standard academic assessments to allow students to track and quantify shifts in their happiness anxiety, depression, and other key indicators of health and vitality.

  • Adaptive – We use weekly measurements and check-in’s to determine how the program is going for you.  If issues arise or if you need an adjustment in techniques, we will do that as you move forward.  The course is not one-size fits all, and we tailor its progress for each class of students.


You can take Finders Course in two ways.

  • Basic – This is our method introduction course designed to expose you the major families of techniques so that you can find the right method for you.  Lasting 8 weeks, this daily time commitment for this course is 45 minutes per day.


  • Ultra – This our course designed to help trigger Persistent Non-Symbolic Consciousness.  In this course you train like a world class athlete by learning the core techniques back-to-back with more intensive practice.     Lasting 15 weeks, the daily time commitment for this course is a minimum of 1.5 hours a day.  If you are a dabbler, or intensity does not appeal to you, then this course is not for you.  This version of the course optimizes and accelerates shifting.  It’s more than a battery of techniques as the sequencing of the Greatest Hits technique works “on” the mind versus just “in” the mind – “on” the mind refers to surface level psychological changes while “in” the mind address shifts in processing.  

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